Citizen critique-The Musketeer

by Paul Whitmore

This is a very cool movie. There are these three guys. They are part of this military kind of unit in the old days that protect the king of England -- oh wait, France. Here is the catch. They and the other members of this troop known as the Musketeers have been disbanded by this evil cardinal. Then this other young guy comes to join them only to find out that he can't be a Musketeer because they no longer exist. D'Artagnan is his name.

D'Artagnan does find out that there is a plot against the king and somehow convinces a group of sword-wielding former Musketeers to help him save the country. Tim Curry is awesome as the cardinal and Keifer Sutherland gives a stunning performance. Oh, shoot! That's a different movie. THIS movie has amazing fight scenes. There is this one that has people flying all over the rooftops and another that has the hero jumping and practically flying (again) over a huge room. The love scene in the movie is a bit hidden, but if you pay attention you will notice it. The romance is covered up because the main woman in the story gets involved in the fighting -- she is an expert in the martial arts. Oh, shoot! That's a different movie, too! THIS movie was kind of like both of those two movies put together except, THIS movie wasn't any good.

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