Quarantine keeps people apart, but games can help keep people together. Cooperative games, games that typically rely on teamwork between multiple players, are great for their social aspect. When we can't hang out and make memories together in real life, we still have the ability to make memories over online games. Here are a few good ones:

A Way Out
While many co-op games can double as a single-player experience, substituting your friends with companions generated from the game, this one (pictured above) relies on teamwork so much that two players are required. You're one of two characters entrenched in a pursuit for revenge in the criminal underworld. First, though, you have to get out of the prison that you've found yourself in. You and your friend have to work together to evade guards and continue your adventure beyond the prison. Only one player has to own the game for both to have access. Available on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

In a typical fantasy adventure, you have your quests, monsters and potions. In Outward, you have all of those, except with added survival aspects on top of trying to make your character look sweet with new loot. This game can be experienced on your own, but you can bring a friend and it's definitely best experienced that way. Both of you will go thirsty or hungry if you don't manage your resources well. Available on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

PULSAR: Lost Colony
You and up to four pals crew a ship in this sci-fi exploration. Each role has different duties, like the scientist, engineer or weapons specialist. You'll really be testing the limits of your friend group, as each role is critical to the ship's well-being. If the engineer can't balance the coolant, the ship explodes. Want to put your ship into hyperspace? The scientist has to calculate each jump. It's fun and hectic. Available on PC.

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes
Your friend is in a room with a ticking bomb. They don't know how to defuse it, so they call you, their dedicated friend, to help. Unfortunately, you probably also don't know how to defuse a bomb. Luckily, you have a convenient manual about that subject matter. This two-player game has one person trying to decode instructions while the other tries to describe the bomb. Details are key, as any mistake in bomb defusal will end in a grand departure from this world. Think you're good at describing things to others? This game may prove otherwise. Available on PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PC.

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