Coeur d'Alene votes to keep two incumbents and one new face on the City Council

click to enlarge Coeur d'Alene votes to keep two incumbents and one new face on the City Council
From left: Elaine Price, Christie Wood, Dan Gookin, Michael Pereira, Dan English, Lacey Moen, Tom Morgan.

Coeur d’Alene City Council

Seat 1
Elaine Price: 37 %
Christie Wood: 63 %

In the race for retiring Councilman Ron Edinger’s seat, CHRISTIE WOOD — a 58-year-old former Coeur d’Alene Police officer — had a decisive win over ELAINE PRICE, a 50-year-old longtime Coeur d’Alene resident and small business owner.

Seat 3
Dan Gookin: 62 %
Michael Pereira: 38 %

Incumbent Councilman DAN GOOKIN is unabashedly anti-development and called for more regulations limiting where and how developers can build. On Tuesday night, voters decided to keep him in the job. His opponent, MICHAEL PEREIRA, a 52-year-old community activist and bank risk analyst, had argued that the city needed to add more housing to bring down rents, in addition to partnering with nonprofit organizations like Habitat for Humanity to create affordable housing.

Seat 5
Dan English: 50 %
Laey Moen: 24 %
Tom Morgan: 20 %
Roger Huntman: 5 %

Councilman DAN ENGLISH, a 68-year-old incumbent, was retained by voters Tuesday night. He had faced a political newcomer and beauty salon owner LACEY MOEN, who framed the race in terms of generational representation. At 36 years old, she argued that the council needed more young people to effectively represent all of the city’s residents.

TOM MORGAN, a 51-year-old HVAC worker and founder of the Lake City Bicycle Collective, also ran for English’s seat. He said that while he’s not anti-development, the city should be wary of allowing new high-end development that won’t provide working-class housing and displacement. (A third candidate who filed against English, teacher and author ROGER HUNTMAN, also appeared on the ballot. However, Huntman stopped campaigning due to a lack of financial resources.)

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