Amazon Goes Shopping

Amazon Goes Shopping

Why cities shouldn't sell themselves out to the online commerce behemoth
Seattle may be America's largest company town. As Amazon has grown into a sprawling online empire, it has invested heavily in its hometown.

New York State of Mind

President Trump won't be on the 2018 ballot, but if challengers are smart, the election will be all about him
In one of the biggest surprises in eight months of shocking twists, turns and tweets, President Trump has started up peace talks with Democratic congressional leaders Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi. It's making his Republican lapdogs sad and confused; how might we explain such a seeming contradiction?

Brewftop Party to meet the Lands Council Friday and more

Do something: How to get involved in your community this week
A gathering to introduce future leaders, supporters and activists in the community to the work of the Lands Council, with free beer, tacos and live music. Free.

Readers respond to online education, George Wright controversy and more

Letters to the editor
WELL PLAYED My name is Chris Hansen.

On The Street

What should be done to improve our immigration system?
MATT BURROWS My wife immigrated here from Israel and we went through the whole immigration process.

Death of a Dream?

Uncertainty surrounds the Trump administration's plan to kill DACA
It is undeniable that the events of 9/11 would forever and profoundly change the United States in every imaginable manner. When it comes to immigration policy, these scarring events led to drastic militarization of the nation's southern border.

Snapshot: Global Neighborhood Photo Reception

Do something: How to get involved in your community this week
A celebration of the photographic contributions to the ongoing show "Snapshot: A Look at Spokane Now" from local former refugees supported by Global Neighborhood. Free.

Deeds, Not Tweets

With the 2018 midterm elections coming fast, President Trump needs to focus on delivering the promises he campaigned on
The Trump agenda is gradually fading. With only a few days left when Congress is in session before a new fiscal year starts (Oct. 1), there's not much time remaining to accomplish the agenda that President Trump deems critical to his presidency and the nation's welfare.

Readers respond to who is worthy of recognition with Spokane streets, statues

Letters to the editor
Youthful Ignorance? In response to the Inlander's question of who Spokane should have a statue of (9/7/17), one reader's answer was pro-Trump; when she was pressed to answer, "What in particular has he done that inspires you?" the reader responded, "He just doesn't really care what people think about him, and he just does what he does anyway, and it's working for him."

On the Street

Who would you like to see at next year's Tinnabulation music festival?
SIE-CE KARRAS Umm, I don't know.

It Can Be Done Here

Perhaps Spokane used to define itself by its foibles and setbacks; all that is changing now
A major roadblock to Spokane's economic success and vitality has been lifted with the retirement of Doug Clark from the Spokesman-Review and the elimination of his column. Gone will be the very public and regular bashing of our community that has contributed to a cultural mentality that "it can't be done here."

Resistance is Survival

How to be a "positive disruptor," and why meaningful change is worth fighting for
Dear Resistance: Nov. 9, 2016, wasn't the best day we've ever had. But let's take a step back and think about the now.

Spokane Police Annual K9 Day

Do something: How to get involved in your community this week
Meet the Spokane Police Department's K9 Unit and see demonstrations from the dogs, enjoy free food and soda, and tour the K9 vehicles. Free.

Readers respond to our intolerance column, Blessings' eviction and Wingate's departure

Letters to the editor
Readers respond to "We Can't Tolerate Intolerance" (8/31/17), Jace Bylenga's column on the need for white people to actively fight racism: Scott Diamond: There will always be racism.

On the Street

Who do you think Spokane should have a statue of?
AYSIA SIMS That is a really tough one...

On the Street

Do you have any game-day rituals now that football season is here?
DENISE STETTLER Yes; it actually annoys some people.


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