Staying woke with Mary Poppins

Staying woke with Mary Poppins

When I first watched Mary Poppins as a wee thing, one song memorized me into silence.

On the Street

How can humans and wildlife better coexist?

The pastor of Salem Lutheran Church, which now houses a homeless warming shelter, grapples with the tensions between faith and politics

When the city of Spokane scrambled to locate warming shelters in the midst of its homeless crisis late last year, it found the Salem Lutheran Church.

Readers respond to Inlander stories about development and regulations on urban housing

Readers respond to an Inlander article about Spokane City Council President Ben Stuckart's hope to change certain regulations to promote a denser urban area (1/10/18): Trevor Bradley: Parking minimums, height maximums, and single family zoning are all inhibitors to healthy urban growth.

The new film Vice is yet another reminder of the differences between the two Bushes

Since last month, America has been ruminating on the death of George H.W. Bush. We associate him with dignity, the first Gulf War and also a stagnant economy (which should have been more associated with the policies of Ronald Reagan).

Winding down a career as a homebuilder, Greenstone's founder has an affordable housing to-do list for his hometown

Q&A Jim Frank
Jim Frank's a Spokanite through and through — Garfield Elementary, Gonzaga Prep, Gonzaga University School of Engineering and Gonzaga Law School.

Readers respond the Roxie Spokane's efforts at revitalization, Mary Lou Reed's final column

Readers respond to an Inlander article about the Roxie Spokane's efforts to revitalize Hillyard into something similar to the Perry District ("Rising Tide," 1/3/19):

On the Street

What's the worst apartment experience you've ever been in?

How being angry might make for a happier new year

Newspapers and websites around the world — or at least the part of the world that each year spends $9.9 billion on "personal development" — are telling us that only 8 percent of people who make New Year's resolutions succeed in meeting them. They tell us this every year and sometimes offer helpful tips on how we, too, can join that graceful 8 percent.

Bloomsday founder Don Kardong passes the baton — but not until one last race in May

A counselor gig at Camp Reed with his Stanford track teammate Steve Jones introduced Don Kardong to Spokane, and he's never left.

Readers respond to an Idaho man not convicted of a hate crime, and more

Readers respond to an Idaho man not convicted of a hate crime after yelling racial slurs at a group of teenagers in a Coeur d'Alene McDonalds:

On the Street

What progress did you see in Spokane in 2018?

Inside the messages we send out into the world

In the summer of 1977 NASA prepared to launch the Voyager Mission, two interstellar probes on a quest to travel beyond our solar system. The mission was a pursuit of scientific discovery, but it also acted as an intergalactic greeting card.

We humans will need to change to preserve biodiversity

First the butterfly, then the bee, now large portions of flying bugs in the whole wide world are going missing. The New York Times reports the insect apocalypse is upon us.

Christmas Tree Recycling, Breast Intentions bra drive and more ways to help your community this week

Do Something!
Boy Scouts Troop 400 is recycling natural Christmas trees at two Spokane Valley locations: Central Valley and University High Schools. All proceeds support scout troop activities, service projects, supplies and more.

Readers respond to inaccurate journalism, Affordable Care Act ruling

Letters to the editor
Readers respond to an inaccurate article from the Seattle PI about the Spokane Valley voting to split Washington into two states (12/18/18): Scott Wilburn: I've invested too much in the Spokane community to have us become the anti-gay Mississippi of the north.


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