Condon questions 'housing first' effectiveness, farmers' allegiance to Trump waivers in trade war, and other headlines


NEWS: A study has found that kids in poorer Spokane schools are twice as likely to be obese as those in affluent schools.

NEWS: Here's why Rep. Matt Shea was specifically asked not to attend a census committee meeting with others representing populations who don't trust the census.

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Mayor Condon

Condon questions housing first effectiveness
In a postmortem of city homelessness policy that included a major push for "housing first," Spokane Mayor David Condon says more restrictions such as requiring participation in substance use treatment might be necessary, as is a regional effort to address the issue, the Spokesman-Review reports.

Spokane billboards question vaccines
Billboards from Informed Choice Washington are encouraging people to "educate before you vaccinate" in response to the state eliminating most exemptions for vaccines that prevent deadly diseases, KXLY reports.

Farm bankruptcies up as China trade dispute continues
Some farmers who've been standing with President Trump despite being hit hardest by his trade war with China are now changing their minds about sticking with him as consequences continue to get worse, the New York Times reports. 

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