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For its June show, featured artists at the Art Spirit Gallery took on an unusual prompt. Confluence/Influence challenged participants to collaborate in pairs, but with a twist: Two artists who’d never before worked together each started a project on their own, and then at some point in the process, they traded works and each completed what their partner had begun with no influence or guidance from each other. The goal was for the original artists to relinquish control while trusting their partner to do something great, as well as to build relationships through an untraditional artistic collaboration. In addition to this striking featured exhibition, the Art Spirit continues to showcase separate collections by Sheila Evans, Shelle Lindholm, Ryan Molenkamp, James Tingey and Lorelle Rau.

Through July 3; open daily from 11 am-6 pm • Free • The Art Spirit Gallery • 415 Sherman Ave., Coeur d’Alene • • 508-765-6006

— Chey Scott

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