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A medicinal research book, a marijuana melodrama and a weed coloring book

BOOK | Imagine your mother's small-town doctor trying weed for the first time. This scenario encompasses the premise of STONED: A DOCTOR'S CASE FOR MEDICAL MARIJUANA, which was published this July. The first-person narrative follows David Casarett, a physician once skeptical of marijuana's use in traditional medicine. Through patient interviews, personal use and research — Casarett is a professor at the University of Pennsylvania's Perelman School of Medicine — he makes a plea for marijuana's use to treat chronic and neuropathic pain. The book is an enjoyable blend of science, medicine and humor that touches on hot topics like cannabidiol (CBD) and lack of cannabis research and funding due to its Schedule I substance classification.

TV | Television is full of moguls, be they fictional characters or reality stars. Today's marijuana industry finally found a real-life poster child in HIGH PROFITS. The original series feels part documentary, part reality TV show as it follows Caitlin McGuire and Brian Rogers, owners of Breckenridge Cannabis Club in Colorado. The series, which began in April, has finally seemed to hit its stride, removing the cultural melodrama that pitted the young couple against its conservative resort town. Watch as the recreational dispensary owners attempt to become moguls Sunday nights at 10 pm on CNN.

COLORING BOOK | Coloring is a hypnotic pastime. Coloring when you're high is even better. THE STONER'S COLORING BOOK: COLORING FOR HIGH-MINDED ADULTS completed its $6K Kickstarter campaign in August; the 36-page book is scheduled for a September release. The psychedelic, graffiti-inspired book is for those 18 and older. Creator Jared Hoffman says on his Kickstarter campaign that the book fills a need in the weed community: "Sometimes you feel all crafty and shit but lack the motivation to start from scratch. Coloring is a perfect way to get creative without the hassle!" ♦

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