by the Inlander & r & & r & The subheadline of our 3/29/07 story "Defending Budget Cuts" was misleading. Spokane school officials have identified $12.3 million in potential budget cuts, but don't expect to have to cut that much. They say they expect a $10.5 million shortfall in 2007-08.

In our "Good News/Bad News" column, we incorrectly identified a 24-year-old Pullman man accused of pilfering 93 pounds of women's underwear as a police officer.

And in last week's commentary, "What You Pay For," it was incorrectly stated that the top three executives at Avista would earn salaries and incentives totaling more than $1 million in 2007. The figures released in Avista's 2007 proxy statement referred to their total compensation from 2006; compensation for 2007 will be based on performance and won't be determined until the end of the year.

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