COVID-19 outbreak in the White House, Republicans ramp up criticism of lockdown, and other headlines

click to enlarge COVID-19 outbreak in the White House, Republicans ramp up criticism of lockdown, and other headlines
Samuel Corum/The New York Times
The south side of the White House, in Washington, Oct. 5, 2019.

NATION: Climate change is contributing to skyrocketing rates of infectious disease.

NEWS: A local coalition of immigrant-focused organizations has created a relief fund for undocumented immigrants to help families who are unable to access federal aid during the pandemic lockdowns.

NEWS: Here's why COVID-19 patients at the VA hospital in Spokane aren't considered "hospitalized."


U.S. death toll
Around 80,000 people nationwide have died from COVID-19. (Johns Hopkins University)

Contagion in the White House
While Trump calls on the country to reopen, the White House is scrambling to contain COVID-19 outbreaks among its staff. (New York Times)

Picking fights
Trump criticized Pennsylvania's Democratic governor on Monday, arguing that the state's slow reopening amidst the COVID-19 pandemic is an attempt to undermine his reelection chances. (New York Times)

Disparate impact
Latinos in Washington state are being hit especially hard by COVID-19. (Crosscut)

More cases
Three new COVID-19 cases in Spokane County were confirmed on Sunday, bringing the total to 386. (Spokesman-Review)

Unused beds
Spokane officials are debating what to do with the massive local isolation facility for COVID-19 patients that has largely gone unused. (Spokesman-Review)


Lasting damage
Even if people are able to safely return to normal life, the economic impacts of the pandemic could last for years. (New York Times)

Botched plan
How the plot to overthrow the Venezuelan government fell apart. (The Guardian)

Criticizing quarantine
Congressional Republicans are stepping up attacks on coronavirus lockdown measures adopted by state and local officials. (Politico)

Dubious stats
Russia's government has touted a low COVID-19 mortality rate. But Moscow has logged 1,700 extra deaths. (New York Times)

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