'Crazy for You,' Best Coast

A modern surf pop album perfect for the end of summer.

Minimal in the very best sense, Crazy For You, the debut album by California-based femme/homme duo Bethany Cosentino and Bobb Bruno (aka Best Coast), drips with deep reverb. Heavy-lidded melodies marry surf and pop in a way that deftly strips modern rock of its formality and pretense — favoring uncluttered instrumentation and lyrics that transcend their humble state with frankness and an utter lack of irony.

While lyrics like “Nothing makes me happy/ Not even TV or a bunch of weed” (from “Goodbye”) probably won’t win any profundity awards this year, when Cosentino nails you to the floor with the refrain, “Every time you leave this house/ Everything falls apart,” you’re more than happy to trade depth for emotional honesty.

Best Coast have, in fact, turned in the perfect summer album, one that’s destined to retain its sparkle long after the beaches have been abandoned.

DOWNLOAD: "Goodbye"

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