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Daniel Shieh: Gazing

A new interactive installation by Laboratory Spokane resident artist Daniel Shieh asks viewers to set aside their unconscious biases of each other in an unexpected way. Participants in the three-minute experience, hosted this weekend at Kolva-Sullivan Gallery downtown, enter a completely dark room together, wearing special goggles that illuminate only their eyes, and earplugs so they can’t hear each other speak. Inside the room, participants then interact solely through their eyes. Because of this unique setup, who each participant sees around them in the dark room is a mystery. “The act of looking at another person, often charged with unequal power dynamic, is stripped of its power and replaced with a sense of mutual discovery,” the artist notes.

Thu, Jan. 23 through Sat, Jan. 25 from 5-8 pm • Free; registration required • Kolva-Sullivan Gallery • 115 S. Adams St. • Register via email to

— Chey Scott

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