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Re: “When a 'Miracle' Meets the FDA

You as a newspaper, need to do a little more homework before choosing sides on an issue like MMS. Calling MMS snake oil is simply showing your stupidity and lack of due diligence. This really isn’t about MMS and Daniel Smith, it is about the FDA having the power to stop and shutdown anything beneficial to mankind in the interest of big pharma’s pocketbook. Why is the FDA shutting down farmers markets when the people are selling healthy food? Why is the FDA shutting down raw milk farmers when raw milk is the only milk that is good for you. Pasteurization destroys anything good in milk making it a toxic product. Homogenization breaks the fat molecules down so small they now pass through the arterial walls and plaque up the arterial network. Why is the FDA making farmers destroy their range fed pigs; so they won’t compete with the caged steroid fed cancer producing commercial pigs? It’s the FDA who is out of control and needs to be stopped, not independent MMS distributors. The truth is, sodium chlorite is not only used in every major municipal water system to remove bacteria and viruses and pathogens from the water they clean up for you to drink, but the big reason FDA is trying to get rid of it is because it has now gotten into big pharma’s pocketbook so bigtime, that it has to go if big pharma is to continue making their outlandish profits.
MMS started out as simply being a cure, yes a cure, for malaria. It will knock out malaria in as little as four hours with a 30 drop dose. The problem is, people have been experimenting with it on many other diseases now and have discovered it is very effective on those also. Those include big money diseases. The clincher of the FDA’a atrocities has to be it’s attempt at the removal of MMS, sodium chlorite, from the marketplace because it´s use cures so many diseases such as malaria, hepatitis, aids, cancer, diabetes and a whole host of others. See
for a list of these. It´s use is just getting too deep into the pocketbooks of big pharma as more and more people are discovering how cheap it is and how well it cures disease. For pete´s sake, MMS is used in virtually every municipal water treatment plant in the US for removing bacteria and pathogens from your water supply. How can the FDA tell us not to use it in our own home and declare it a drug? This is all about the money, not about MMS
being dangerous. MMS, Mineral Miracle Supplement, is not a mineral at all. It is sodium chlorite that when mixed with citric acid forms chlorine dioxide which is an extremely effective oxidizer against malaria virus (100% kill, most in 4 hours); it kills AIDs virus, hepatitus virus, the H1N! flu virus, pneumonia, colds, is now being used against cancer,
and much more. It cured my hepatitis in 30 days. They would not accept my blood donation because I had a trace of hepatitis. I did 30 days of MMS treatment, went back and it was gone and they accepted my blood. Chlorine dioxide kills all pathogens. It will knock out a cold in less than two days, sometimes one. A pathogen is described as "any biological agent that causes disease or illness to its host". Types of pathogens include Bacteria, Viruses, Protozoa, Fungi, Parasites and Proteins. It is why it is used in your municipal water supply plant to clean up the water you drink. How can they declare something used to clean up your water a drug? The government even tells us what it will do. If you go to the Gov document at
it says in, " Chlorine dioxide is regarded as a strong disinfectant that is effective at inactivating bacterial, viral, and protozoan pathogens.".... like Giardia found in contaminated mountain streams and lakes."
And the FDA wants us to throw it away? MMS needs to get the Nobel Peace Prize, not be thrown away. It is the medical breakthrough of the century. MMS is only sodium chlorite. Sodium chlorite is used for the generation of chlorine dioxide for bleaching and stripping of textiles, pulp, and paper. Sodium Chlorite is also used for disinfection of municipal water treatment plants after conversion to chlorine dioxide. Besides water purification sodium chlorite finds application as a component in therapeutic rinses, mouthwashes, toothpastes and gels, mouth sprays, chewing gums and lozenges, and also in contact lens cleaning solution. It is used for sanitizing air ducts and HVAC systems and animal containment areas (walls, floors, and other surfaces). Does this sound like we need to throw it away?
MMS, sodium chlorite, doesn´t become chlorine dioxide, which is the pathogen killer that does the miracles, until you mix it with citric acid. But he could not include any information on what it does or how to use it (sound familiar - looked at your vitamin bottles lately for any useful information on them? Doesn´t exist. You gotta get what they do for you somewhere else.) As soon as he included how to use it information with his orders, he
became a criminal, a drug dealer, and they are attempting to to prosecute him for being a saviour to the people. What is the matter with this country?
Our Government for the people has become a Government AGAINST the people. No wonder O is trying to get rid of our guns. How much longer will we tolerate asinine policies and behavior like this that are absolutely against the good of the people before we fully revolt?
Let’s just take the cancer thing. Going to the chemo/radiation boys you have a 3% chance of living. Not good odds. If you get on MMS and other alternative regimes, you stand a 97% chance of survival. If you go to the chemo boys first and then discover they are going to kill you and then switch to alternative methods you only stand a 50-50 chance of survival, but that’s better than 3%. MMS was introduced to me by an older man I played volleyball with who cured not only himself of cancer but had 26 other friends in remission on it also. I’ve only cured one person of cancer. She was introduced to MMS but didn’t like the taste and who am I to listen to. After a short time of chemo and radiation therapy all her hair fell out and she was sent home to die because they couldn’t give her any more treatments because her white cell count was so low. She looked like death, could barely stand up on her own. She and her husband were desperate for any kind of a solution. I paid the bill because they couldn’t and put her on 30 drops of MMS a day besides B17, laetrile if you wish. Three to four months later she received a cancer free bill of health from the hospital and had a full head of hair again and was making pies for resale. Today she is still cancer free and healthy. Don’t tell me MMS is snake oil. It could cure a lot more cancers if simply more people knew about it and would use it. You need to get on Daniel’s band wagon and support him and help defeat the FDA criminals. Do some exploring at Learn about the history of the use of MMS and read some of the testimonies from people who have been cured of many things using it.
Berry Ball

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Posted by detailshere on 05/26/2012 at 10:34 PM

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