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DOA, MDC, Wasted Breath

The term “Canadian punk” may seem like an oxymoron, but the sneering, fast-and-furious stylings of Vancouver’s D.O.A. have often been credited with jumpstarting the hardcore punk scene in the early 1980s. Like many of their genre contemporaries, D.O.A. cranked out releases — sometimes more than one per year — at a breathless pace during their heyday, pummeling listeners with politically incendiary, anti-fascist songs that usually clocked in at two minutes or less. The trio has gone through a revolving door of lineups since day one and has survived numerous (and quite lengthy) hiatuses. Its current formation features founding member Joe Keithley, who’s always been at the helm. Forty years on and D.O.A. is most certainly still alive.

— Nathan Weinbender

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