Don't Miss: Ric Gendron and Melissa Cole

An incredible artistic collaboration

Melissa Cole and Ric Gendron have been staples of the regional art scene for years, though you wouldn't automatically expect them to be paired together in an exhibit: Gendron favors acrylics, while Cole works in mixed media, including glass, ceramics and metal. But in terms of the style and content of their work, Cole and Gendron actually have a lot in common, which you can see currently at the Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture. Both artists favor the kind of bright, vivid colors that will make you stop in your tracks, and they both explore iconography and culture that's unique to the Northwest — Gendron, who was born on the Colville Reservation, specializes in expressionistic portraits of Native American life; Cole, influenced by her international travels, often depicts regional flora and fauna, including her mosaic sockeye salmon that adorn a bridge along Highway 12.

Through Sept 10 2017

Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture

2316 W. First Ave.

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