Dozens of vehicles crash on West Plains, Buttigieg gets surge in Iowa, and other headlines

NATION: Have plans for travel for Thanksgiving? Be advised, there are some big storms throughout the country.

NEWS: "Being in a white classroom, where I'm the only African-American or person of color and the teacher's not even of color, it's kind of like I feel, not embarrassed, but like I don't belong," a black student at North Central tells the Inlander.

Read our story this week on the lack of diversity in local schools, and how increasing that could benefit students.


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Pile up
A quick flurry of snow on the West Plains yesterday afternoon sent dozens of cars crashing into each other on Interstate 90. State troopers estimated between 50-100 vehicles were involved, mostly in fender benders. (Spokesman-Review)

More reports of inappropriate behavior
More women are reporting inappropriate behavior from a Spokane Police officer who has been accused of rape. (Spokesman-Review)

2020 Dems
New poll shows a Buttigieg surge Iowa. (CNBC)

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