Eating Cheap in East Spokane

Eight affordable eateries from Alpine Deli to White Box Pies

417 E. Third Ave. • 455-5148 • Lunch, Mon-Sat%uFFFD
Was ist das? Deutsch Nahrung in Spokane? Ja. There is German food in Spokane. Stop by for the wurst platter specials (brat, knack or weiss), all of which must be ordered with a side of steaming red cabbage. While you’re there, do some German grocery shopping — the shelves are filled with German pickled products, crackers, chocolate, cheese, spices and, yes, German-language magazines and books. (ND) TRY The Putz ($6), Wurst specials ($5)

829 E. Boone Ave. • 483-7460 • Lunch, dinner daily
Now that’s a deal. Slices anytime of day, priced well below three bones. But then, between 2 pm and 5 pm, cheese slices drop to just $1.50. Now that’s a deal. But wait! All day, for just $2.50, you can mow on a slice of cheese and guzzle a Pabst Blue Ribbon. Now that’s a deal. Don’t be stupid. Go to David’s. Eat ‘za. And if you’re in a party, stuff your pie holes with an entire pizza and split the damage. (ND) TRY Cheese-PBR special ($2.50), Pesto a la David ($18, big enough for more than one of ya)

510 S. Freya St. • 315-8853 • Lunch, Dinner, Mon-Sun
With a palette of sunny yellow, periwinkle blue and hot pink, Jorge and Adriana Hernandez have transformed the old La Katrina Tacos space into a warm, inviting restaurant. The extensive menu offers standard Mexican fare, with a few stand-out dishes. Hacienda is family friendly with $0.99 kids’ meals on Sunday, and weekly all-you-can-eat taco nights. (KH) TRY Verde burrito ($9.50)

1804 E. Sprague • 270-1608 • Lunch, Wed-Sun; Dinner, Fri-Sat%uFFFD
One World Spokane is about as cheap as “cheap eats” can get. You what you want. You could pay $5 or a cool million. At this nonprofit, opened on East Sprague last fall, you name your own price and choose your portions from a constantly rotating array of wholesome, organic, delicious goodies — pastas, salads, slaws, soup, desserts. You’re urged to eat as much as you want, but only take as much you can eat. When you finish, drop into the wooden box whatever you thought the food and the restaurant’s mission (their goal is to feed the poor, eliminate hunger and reduce waste) is worth. (JS) TRY Whatever you want

821 E. Sharp Ave. and 2328 W. NW Blvd. • 487-9795 and 326-1900 • Lunch, Dinner, daily •
Considered the king of calzones, this local pizza joint offers thick delicious crust with slightly sweet and somewhat spicy marinara wrapped around your favorite ingredients. Not just pizza, but mainly American Italian. (TLM) TRY Pete’s antipasto salad ($8), Pete’s original calzone ($9.25)

1011 S. Perry St. • 290-6047 • Lunch, Dinner, Tues-Sun%uFFFD •
Housed in a converted commercial garage, South Perry serves up smoking hot, gourmet pies and frosty cold pints. Inside the open dining area, noise builds easily, but diners gaze out large windows onto the increasingly bustling Perry Street strip. Eat pizza. Lots of it. (ND) TRY Margherita ($10), Sopressata Salami ($12)

924 S. Perry St. • 534-1647 • Breakfast, Lunch, Mon-Sun
This garage turned café will woo you with industrial decor and worn, red leather couches. The cult movie memorabilia and hordes of books and games are enough to keep families and hipsters happy, but stay for a cup of joe. The site roasts their own beans and provides tasty café treats. Vegan options available. (JB) TRY The Bay Doors Veggie Sandwich ($5.75), Bowl of tomato soup ($4.25)

28 E. Sharp Ave.. • 927-8850 • Lunch, Mon-Sat •
The eatery smells like homemade piecrust and earthy potpies. The café-style tables for two will tide you through lunch and one, if not two slices of pie. Each bite and a glance at the semi-open kitchen will assure you everything is made on site. Gluten-free lunch menus and pies are available. (JB) TRY Chicken Caesar salad sandwich ($8), Vegetable pot pie ($6)

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