Eating Cheap in Sandpoint

Six affordable eateries from Arlo's to Spud's

330 N. First Ave., Sandpoint • 208-255-4186 • Lunch, Dinner, Mon-Sat
It won’t take a “New York Minute” for you to feel right at home at Arlo’s little Italian eatery on busy First Avenue. Not overly fancy, a bit homey even, but with a sweet view of the inlet. Arlo’s is about food and family, live music on occasion and an abundant menu, including beer and wine. (CS) TRY Fusilli Florentina ($6), eggplant parmesan ($7), meat ravioli ($10)

334 N. First Ave. (inside Bridge), Sandpoint • 208-265-4396 • Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner daily
It looks and feels like an indoor, European market, sometimes bustling, other times timeless and peaceful. It’s the ideal place for a little nibble in between shopping the Bridge. Or just a quiet spot to enjoy the lovely view of Sand Creek. (CS) TRY Salami sporessata panini ($6.75), cr%uFFFDme brulé latte ($2.25-$3.25)

823 Main St., Sandpoint • 208-263-0178 • Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner Mon-Sat
Feed mind, body and spirit at this laid-back local gathering place that serves 95 percent organic, vegan and wheat-free. A cozy place to snuggle up with a book or groove to some tunes in the cold weather. In the summer, you’ll want to be in the garden among the blossoming sunflowers. (CS) TRY Sunshine Bowl ($7), pesto veggie pizza ($5.75)

703 Hwy 2, Sandpoint • 208-263-4300 • Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner daily
A throwback to a bygone time before high gas prices and elevated cholesterol, it’s Formica countertops, fried food and fast service with a Sandpoint smile. Note to self: Summertime means a thick huckleberry milkshake or juicy slushie out on the picnic tables, watching the world glide by. (CS) TRY Chicken fried steak ($5.35), Big D Burger ($4.35), banana split ($3.75)

102 Church St., Sandpoint • 208-263-1444 • Lunch, Dinner daily
The name says it. When Joe sold the place last year, the new owners did little to change this little hole-in-the-wall other than add burgers to the menu. After all, if it ain’t broke … right? Most folks phone in and carry out, like up to Farmin Park (where dripping lunch on the ground goes completely unnoticed). (CS) TRY Eight-inch cheesesteak ($6.50), quarter-pound chili dog ($3.50)

102 N. First Ave., Sandpoint • 208-265-4311 • Lunch, Dinner daily
Idaho’s own humble russet potato gets the works under master Chef Peter Mico, a part-time yoga instructor. Fast service, daily specials, healthy food and a handsome décor is what you can expect anytime, with deck seating in warm weather an added bonus. This whole place is a breath of fresh air. (CS) TRY Drag It Through the Garden Potato ($7), Southwest chicken Caesar ($6)

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