Eating Cheap in Spokane Valley

Six affordable eateries from Boston's Pizza to the Skyway Cafe

14004 E. Indiana Ave. • 927-4284 • Lunch, Dinner daily
Anchovy-lovers come down! These little friends are so fresh that they’re practically swimming in the cheese. Add fine ingredients like kalamata olives and Fontina and you’ll be coating yourself in the ultimate taste bomb. As they say, “feta makes it betta.” (TLM) TRY Small pizza with anchovies and kalamata olives ($11.18)

1102 N. Liberty Lake Rd., Liberty Lake • 928-3112 • Lunch, dinner daily
This fragrant restaurant just south of Liberty Lake’s I-90 exit is a little confusing for first visits, located in a building that is also the clubhouse for a golf course. But when you walk in the proper door, the sweet-spicy aroma tells you you’ve hit the spot. (KT) TRY Mole enchilada ($9)

621 S. Pines Rd. • 926-8161 • Lunch Tue-Sat; Dinner Wed-Fri
Oh, so happy, happy! When I worked in the Valley in the ’90s, this was among the very first — and best — Thai restaurants. What a delight to see the same friendly owner bustling around the open dining area smiling and joking with patrons. And the food? Wow! Unabashed delight. (KT) TRY Jungle Curry ($10), Ginger chicken ($10)

11114 E. Sprague • Lunch, Dinner daily
Nestled in a sea of restaurants committed to screwing up great cuisines (Chinese, Italian, Mexican) lies a Valley gem: Top of India. The authentic Indian restaurant offers a menu of kormas, paneers and pakoras in a quiet, welcoming environment. Be sure to get a seat where you can see the Bollywood videos playing on repeat are amazing and totally addictive. (LS) TRY Mushroom korma ($10), mixed pakora ($4)

700 S. Dishman Rd. • 924-3876 • Lunch, Dinner daily
It’s like an obscene noise rocket just shot off! Walk in and a cacophony of game machines, the delighted shrieks of children and blaring TVs emanate past the long tables housing large parties. But they have good pizza, and their games are cheap. (TLM) TRY Medium pepperoni ($14.45), pizza buffet (available for weekday lunch and Monday and Tuesday evenings, $7.88; $5.88, youth)

6105 E. Rutter Way (at Felts Field) • 534-5986 • Breakfast, Lunch daily
Revel in aviation history while dining among nostalgic photographs, model airplanes, maps and other flight memorabilia. Enjoy generous portions of your favorite foods while watching planes take off and land. Everything on the menu is made from scratch and the comfort foods are better than Mom’s! TRY Cinnamon roll ($3.65), biscuits and gravy ($5.65)

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