Eating Cheap on the West Plains

Eleven affordable eateries from the Buckhorn Inn to Twin Dragons

13311 W. Sunset Hwy., Airway Heights   244-3991 • Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner Mon-Sun
The roadside diner beckons from the outside with a faux log cabin exterior and promises of dancing. Inside, there’s no dancing — just a few tired people eating typical, tired diner food under the glass eyes of a few hunting trophies. The food is nothing special; it’s dependable diner fare. (CJ) TRY Double cheeseburger ($10), Buckhorn taco salad ($10)

First and College, Cheney • 701-3818 • Lunch daily
John Agosta grills up Sonnenberg’s Italian sausages and Longhorn’s German sausages from the trailer he tows behind his van and tops them with grilled onions and peppers. On Monday, Wednesday and Saturday, you’ll find him in front of Del’s Feed and Tack. On Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, he camps in front of Bank of America. Bring cash. (KF) TRY New Yorker ($5.40), Cattleman ($4)

414 First St., Cheney • 235-6294 • Dinner, Mon-Sat
While the Eagle’s Pub (aka Showies) won’t win any beauty contests, it has been a classic tavern for almost 70 years. Happy Hour (3-6 pm) gets you $1 beers and food deals, or you can split the Pub Master pizza, which puts essentially everything on top, including pineapple. (KF) TRY Happy Hour cheeseburger basket ($4.50), Potato Munchies ($6.25), Pub Master Pizza ($15-$17), broasted chicken ($7.50)

13614 W. 12th Ave., Airway Heights • 244-5736 • Lunch, Dinner Mon-Sun
There’s a distinctly lounge-lizard vibe to this place, right down to the fading scent of cigarette smoke from years past. It’s a nice place for couples and groups of people — a family dinner goes for $15 total, at the most . (CJ) TRY Pork chow mein, fried rice and almond chicken lunch special ($6)

12721 W. 14th Ave., Airway Heights • 244-3761 • Lunch, Dinner Mon-Sun
It’s an odd location, away from the street on the back side of a building that looks like it should house offices, but the food is authentic and the service is friendly. Inside, it’s quiet — a good place for conversation over kimchi and other spicy delights. (CJ) TRY Yaki Mandu (fried dumplings) ($7), hot spicy pork ribs ($8, Lunch)

122 College Ave., Cheney • 235-6001 • Lunch, Dinner, Tues-Sat (no Sat. lunch)
While Immix doesn’t exactly fit the bill for Cheap Eats, choose one of the lower-priced items at dinner and enjoy Chef Matt Irvin’s fusion of flavors and cuisines. Have a drink and a split an appetizer and you’ll enjoy high-class ambience without breaking the bank. (KH) TRY Roasted Danish brie cheese ($10), Caribbean fish tacos ($10)

13008 W. Sunset Hwy., Airway Heights • 244-0197 • Lunch, Dinner Mon-Sun
Something about Lai Lai Garden makes it feel like the Shari’s of Chinese restaurants — maybe it’s the plastic plants, or the smell of food made in a hurry. Lai Lai Garden serves Chinese and American food, both cheap and fairly decent taste-wise. Hot plate meals are especially good. (CJ) TRY Kung Pao chicken or beef ($7.50, lunch), Make-Your-Own Combo Specials ($9.50, Dinner)

313 First St., Cheney • 235-7007 • Lunch, Dinner, Mon-Sat; Lunch, Sun
The locally made all-beef dog with the bite of its natural casing makes this sleek hot dog spot easily worth the drive. Build your own dog on a bun baked on-site or choose one of the eight specialty dogs. Late-night hours on the weekends and house-made caramel corn make this newcomer even better. (KF) TRY N’awlins Dog ($3.50), Coney dog ($4.50), Caramel corn ($3.50)

8909 W. Airport Dr., Spokane (at the Ramada Inn) • 838-5211 • Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner Mon-Sun
Remington’s is divided into three parts: the lounge, the café and the dining room. If you want drinks, go for the lounge. If you want cheap, go for the café — it’s not as plush and intimate as the dining room, but the prices are a lot lower. (CJ) TRY Late Riser (All-day breakfast) ($9.25), French dip ($9.75)

1706 Second St., Cheney • 235-5678 • Lunch, Dinner, and Late Night Daily
Since 1990, Brad Barsnesss has been serving up pizza and a stunningly good cheese bread (buttery-chewy crust, no tomato sauce and lots of cheese) that comes with a great ranch dressing. The fact that since 2002 you can bowl a set while you eat makes Rosa’s more than just a meal. Also in Airway Heights. (KF) TRY Cheese bread ($7.59/$4), eight-inch Cordon Bleu pizza ($6.79)

12526 W. Sunset Hwy., Airway Heights • 244-3914 • Lunch, Dinner Mon-Sun
It’s always a good sign when you walk into a restaurant and you start salivating uncontrollably. The smell of the food and the relaxed lighting make this a nice spot for a quiet meal. The menu is expansive, and family-style dinners come with a variety of dishes. (CJ) TRY Combo lunches ($5.25-$5.85), hot pork with garlic ($9.50)

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