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Much of folk trio Edison’s debut album, 2016’s Familiar Spirit, was written from a tour van, and you can really tell. It’s a record about all manners of escapism: running toward something while running away from something else, succumbing to the allure of both open countrysides and New York’s subway systems, being separated from a soulmate with hundreds of miles in between. Despite being professional nomads, the three members of Edison — Sarah Slaton, Dustin Morris and former Lumineers mandolin player Maxwell Hughes — call Colorado home, and they’ve still got a serious fan base there: They recently sold out a show at the Red Rocks Amphitheatre west of Denver, which is no easy feat. Their brand of poppy, introspective folk is the sort you might expect to hear in a popular commercial one day, perhaps as the soundtrack to someone letting themselves get lost on a long stretch of highway.

— Nathan Weinbender

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