Enjoy autumn with these seasonal cannabis products

click to enlarge Enjoy autumn with these seasonal cannabis products
A perfect prelude to a trip to the pumpkin patch.

The heat is gone and the smoke has cleared. Now, officially, autumn is upon us. With the coming of a season that ushers in colder weather, it's time to start appreciating ways to consume cannabis that can keep you warm, or at least make you feel good about the impending chill. Here are three ways to stay seasonal when you're looking to relax.

Bath Bombs
Nighttime temperatures are finally dropping low enough to allow for a comfortable bath. So, it's time to make it even better by taking that warm bath water and spiking it with cannabis.

You can find those fizzy, essential oil-infused balls that make your bathing experience as fun as a childhood bubble bath for sale nationwide, at grocery and big-box stores alike. But the dispensary offers another level. From simple bath salts to big bath bombs — as well as post-bath balms — companies like Washington's Honu, available at stores like Cinder, offer products that deliver a spa-like treatment complete with a body high.

Be Basic
The pumpkin spice latte, popularized by Starbucks, has become a stereotype. You're "basic" if you love it, but also it's everywhere and basically everybody loves it, regardless of how cool they claim to be. Well, it's reached weed, too.

Pumpkin-flavored edibles and, yes, even pumpkin-spice-flavored edibles are available for sale around the country and online. Cannabis isn't yet legal at the federal level, but that hasn't stopped trendy flavors like this from spreading across the country. I'm no fan of pumpkin ales when it comes to beer, and I can't say I've ever tried a pumpkin-spice latte, but this? For the novelty, at least, I'm on the lookout.

Seasonal Strain
In autumn of 2019, cannabis website Leafly put together a list of autumnal strains, with Oregon Diesel at the top. They described this indica-heavy strain as "like pulling up in an old pickup truck at a farmers market," which is ideal for how I want to spend my season. Now more than ever, I want to get a ride up to Greenbluff and find something to take home from the fall harvest.

A calming indica, with varieties available at the Vault and Cannabis & Glass, is perfect for this situation. Taking a day trip to an orchard to pick apples and pumpkins is an exceptionally calming experience. Why not make it even better by pairing it with a regional variety of cannabis that is made to help you chill? ♦

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