Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art WSU
Etsuko Ichikawa, "Leaving a Legacy" 2017

Etsuko Ichikawa: Broken Poems of Fireflies

This exhibit expresses a prayer for the future through cautionary tales of nuclear waste and natural disasters, using radioactive materials to shape artwork and video footage of haunting beauty. Tokyo-born, Seattle-based artist Etsuko Ichikawa channels these seemingly contradictory visions into a new immersive installation commissioned by the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art WSU. The exhibition begins within a video gallery featuring a trilogy of films created over the past five years. Equal parts performance documentation and cinematic experience, the videos reveal the dramatic potential of simple gestures made in extraordinary settings. Moving into a second gallery, visitors encounter a room-sized installation with pulsating glass orbs. These firefly-like forms conjure the artist’s childhood memories, but also through their irradiation, connect us to nuclear histories both far and near.

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