Family Feel

The neighborhood gathers at Red Rooster to spill their souls and drink coffee

Family Feel
Jennifer Debarros
Red Rooster reopened near Gonzaga earlier this spring.

When Red Rooster Coffee Co. reopened last week with an “Opening Open Mic of Openness,” Amanda Maule took to the stage to recite her wedding vows in front of 15 or so strangers, in a tiny house, with her husband working behind the counter. As the cafe’s manager, it’s obvious Maule is passionate about the Rooster.

After Red Rooster closed down, Maule’s husband Gabe Ehrnwald approached the owner and offered his assistance in its reopening. Together, the husband and wife run the coffee shop that they hope will moonlight as a hub of creativity and expression.

Last week, their efforts were hardly in vain. The creative spirit was alive as the audience witnessed everything from acoustic opera to a spoken fiction short story. Some were so nervous their papers shook in their hands, while others spoke with a confidence and volume that made the walls vibrate.

Also a drive-through, Red Rooster is located in a rustic country house on Hamilton Street. Framed coffee bags from around the world line the walls and the furniture looks as if it was taken from your grandma’s place. Maule wakes up early every morning and bakes everything from scratch. No machines are involved in the menu of quiche, soup, and various baked goods like apple cinnamon muffins. While I got a vanilla latte, I didn’t get the memo about the chocolate malts until after I ordered. Everyone else seemed to be enjoying the frozen treats, perfect for the hot night.

Maule and Ehrnwald hope that the Red Rooster will be “not just about a cup of coffee.” Both have taught or written, and plan to lend an ear to fellow artists. Red Rooster will continue hosting events like open mic and be a place where artists can “feel celebrated.”

If you’d like to share your writing with others, bring your work to open mics at Red Rooster on Tuesdays. You’ll be welcomed with open arms.

Red Rooster Coffee Co. • 1718 N. Hamilton St. • Mon-Fri, 7 am-9 pm; Sat, 8 am-9 pm; Sun, 9 am-5 pm • 321-7935

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