This is a past event.

First Annual Sasquatch Roundup

When you hear the name “First Annual Sasquatch Roundup,” you probably have visions of putting on your best camo and heading out to the beautiful Pacific Northwest wilderness in search of the elusive beasts. Sure, it’s cold out there, but chasing magical critters with your buds is just good fun. Well, in reality the First Annual Sasquatch Roundup is a much more sober affair, but should be incredibly interesting as Bigfoot and Sasquatch enthusiasts from across the country descend on Spokane Valley to share stories, research and even a meal and discussion with Bob Gimlin, one of the two men to famously capture a Bigfoot on film in the wilds of Northern California back in the ’60s. Friday night is the dinner, while Saturday is full of lectures, Q&As and more.

Fri, Dec. 21 at 5:30 pm; dinner with Bob Gimlin • $100 • Sat, Dec. 22 from 9 am-4 pm • $25 • Mirabeau Park Hotel • 1100 N. Sullivan Rd., Spokane Valley • Facebook: 2018 Spokane Valley Sasquatch Roundup

— Dan Nailen

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