For the people you love who just won't accept reality

Maybe you have a family member who believes the people dying from COVID-19 are actually dying from something else. Maybe you know someone who believes COVID-19 is no more dangerous than the flu, choosing to ignore the fact that COVID-19 kills about as many Americans in one month as is typical for an entire flu season. Maybe you have a friend who does think COVID-19 is a concern, but believes the best solution is to simply let the virus run its course, killing tens of thousands of people just before a vaccine arrives that could have saved their lives. You might be frustrated with the people who believe these things, but you also might care for them and want them to be happy this holiday season. If that's the case, here are some gifts for you to consider.

There are COVID-deniers everywhere, of course. But they seem to be particularly loud in North Idaho, where a man named Allen Banks made it onto the Panhandle Health Board and recently said, "Something's making these people sick, and I'm pretty sure that it's not coronavirus." It's possible you know someone from North Idaho who shares this belief. If so, they will be proud to represent their region. Buy them this North Idaho thermal long sleeve, or another piece of clothing with the words "North Idaho" on it. $28 • CDA Idaho Clothing Company210 Sherman Ave., Suite 117, Coeur d'Alene

A vaccine is coming soon, but it remains to be seen how long it will take before it is safe to, for example, attend a Spokane Chiefs or Spokane Shock game. COVID-deniers, however, will have no reservations, and are probably itching to go watch a hockey or football game. The Chiefs are opening their season soon, and the Shock in a few months, so look into buying them tickets. The teams are doing all they can to make the games safe if fans are allowed to attend, so it's a win-win. Price or

For COVID deniers, the virus isn't the problem. The real problem is Washington Gov. Jay Inslee. How dare he mandate that people wear a mask, they think. These anti-Inslee masks are a perfect gift for them. They allow people to express their displeasure with Inslee while also protecting those around them. $8.89 •

Some COVID-deniers may simply take some small satisfaction in being a rebel. These napkins, then, with messages like "we solemnly swear we are up to no good" above a group of people drinking together will be right up their alley. $7 • Southern Specialties307 E. 18th Ave.

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