For Your Consideration — April 25, 2013


Comedy Central’s habit of giving stand-up comics their own television shows hasn’t always produced the most fantastic results, but with Nathan For You, they’ve hit it out of the park with this lightning-in-a-bottle, slam dunk of a touchdown dance. Awkward as hell, Nathan Fielder travels the country pretending to be a business consultant and finds moronic business owners to go along with his insane plans for success because, well, they think he’s a business expert. He suggested a funeral director allow clients to buy actors to fill seats at funerals, told a caricature artist to be more racist and faked that massively famous pig-saves-drowning goat YouTube video to bolster business at a petting zoo.


Kids are such amazing blessings, full of love, wonder and joy. But they’re also kind of idiots sometimes. This is what you’ll learn from, in which Greg Pembroke takes pictures of his two kids, ages 3 and 1½, crying with a line of text as to why the boy is bursting out in tears. Some favorites: “I read him his favorite bedtime story.” “I didn’t let him drown in that pond.” “I wouldn’t let him splash in the toilet.” Sheesh, kids do the dumbest things, right?


The Boy Who Shot the Sheriff is a true story about exactly what its title suggests — a 12-year-old orphan named Herbert Niccolls Jr. who shot a rural Washington state sheriff back in 1931. Journalist Nancy Bartley brings to life a rarely heard piece of criminal history as she pieces together a narrative about a wayward victim of poverty who ended up sentenced to life in prison and the people who fought to free him. It’s a completely true story, but Bartley uses a literary voice that makes it read like a novel as she brings to light one of the more bizarre crimes in history.

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