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Music videos, Thursday on Perry St. and “Why Did You Shoot Me? I Was Reading a Book”

MUSIC VIDEO | What starts looking like some sort of a house party where the band is singing to people sitting on the floor, the new official video for Phoenix’s “Trying to Be Cool” quickly turns into something mesmerizing. With a meta, behind-the-scenes-y feel, the camera follows the group of French rockers as they roam around a warehouse space playing their guitars in hip outfits while playing chess and lighting a giant cannon. All the while, screens in the background count down to the next video cut. You’ll want to watch it again and again, and the song is catchy enough to allow it.

JOURNALISM | Small-scale sports bets, charity poker tournaments — it’s the incredibly low stakes of the stories that will grip you and the police tactics that will leave you wondering, “WTF?” Up on this month, “Why Did You Shoot Me? I Was Reading a Book” is an excerpt from reporter Radley Balko’s book, Rise of the Warrior Cop: The Militarization of America’s Police Forces. The piece explains the mind-bending trend of state and local police using SWAT raids against people targeted for things like gambling and underage drinking.

TO DO | There are some things that remind you Spokane doesn’t suck. Spending a Thursday on Perry St. is one of those things. The farmers market in the lot between Casper Fry and The Shop features 20 local vendors with everything from produce to honey to artisan spices and freshly baked bread. There’s live music in one corner, and the Veraci Pizza truck baking hot, melty, wood-fired deliciousness in another. Inside The Shop (and on their excellent patio) all the beers on tap, including microbrews, are just $2 on Thursdays. Two. Dollars. You might want to stay all night.

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