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Death Cab is back, Netflix laughs and a tasty treat

ALBUM | I love a good melancholic record. When a long-loved band like Death Cab For Cutie releases a new album, I develop an anxious skepticism, praying they stay true to their musical identity. I can breathe a sigh of relief yet again. Ben Gibbard's beautiful mind and iconic voice have delivered yet another album that leaves you unsure whether to feel nostalgic, bummed or just content. Not so subtly denoting his divorce from Zooey Deschanel, Gibbard provides an unfiltered narrative of closure. Though KINTSUGI is the group's eighth studio album, the fresh, confessional-style lyrics and versatile musical motifs keep them from being stagnant and continue to enrapture audiences.

SERIES | When it comes to Netflix, I have the self-control of a toddler with a cookie jar. My latest binge was THE UNBREAKABLE KIMMY SCHMIDT, created by comedy goddess Tina Fey. In the series,The Office's Ellie Kemper is a recently discovered "mole woman," Kimmy, who was forced into an underground apocalyptic cult in Indiana, where she lived for 15 years. Refusing to succumb to being labeled as a victim, Kimmy journeys through New York City with nothing but her optimism — and an eighth-grade education. Laugh, cry, and mercilessly mock pop culture in this brilliant, vintage-Fey gem.

TREAT | I admit it... I throw the lid away. To some that may sound like giving up, but I like to see it as bold commitment. Some of you may know exactly where I'm going with this, but for those who need clarification, I'm talking about my all-too-familiar Ben and Jerry's ritual. THE TONIGHT DOUGH is the newest guest in my freezer. Comprised of caramel and chocolate ice creams, filled with chocolate cookie swirls, cookie dough and peanut butter dough, Jimmy Fallon's contribution to ice cream culture is as incredible as one would expect.♦

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