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Swimsuit season arrives, a country stunner and a French affair

FASHION | It's nearly the time of the year when we resolve to stop eating poorly and work out daily — yes, swimsuit season. But as pizza, tacos and beer inevitably win out, you may as well purchase a cute bikini and worry less about the bod. TRIANGL structured mesh-and-neoprene swimwear has already taken the beaches of California and Florida by storm, and the Inland Northwest is next. The brand's signature black lines and neon colors look something like a cross between Angry Birds and pop art. Currently, the suits are only available online at

ALBUM | Thank the Lord Almighty for Chris Stapleton. He went and melted my cold, country-averse heart, something I never thought possible. This man is the real country deal. Born and bred in Kentucky, where his father dug coal, he was part of Grammy-winning bluegrass act the SteelDrivers before moving to a solo career. Already an established Nashville songwriter for years, writing for the likes of Luke Bryan, Tim McGraw and Brad Paisley, he's better than all of them. His debut album TRAVELLER is filled with beautiful odes to whiskey, women and the devil. It's all pretty standard stuff, but he has this voice that's scratchy and smooth, with only the slight hint of an accent. This is the kind of music Nashville should be churning out.

BOOK | Four years ago, Elizabeth Bard wrote about her love affair with a Frenchman, but most importantly her love affair with French food, in Lunch in Paris. Now married with a kid and living in the quaint, picturesque region of Provence, Bard is back with her second memoir, PICNIC IN PROVENCE. Much like its predecessor, it's simply written and purely executed, furthering the story of an American bravely living in France (perfecting the language and understanding the culture) and opening an ice cream shop with her husband. At the end of each delightful chapter she includes recipes from her own kitchen, all of which must be tried. ♦

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