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Hip-hop meets classical, winning comic book TV and a quick payback

TV | Is it just me, or is Hollywood recycling superhero movies more than cardboard boxes? Well, if you want to get your comic-book television fix without seeing Hugh Jackman with knives in his hands, check out the Fox hit GOTHAM. Contrary to recent Batman endeavors, Gotham begins from the moment of the Wayne murders, diving deep into the sea of mobsters, villains and corrupt justice that has flooded the city of Gotham. In its second season, Gotham is fueled by the intriguing character development of key players like the child Bruce Wayne and a twentysomething Penguin, all tied together by the stalwart Detective Jim Gordon. Season 2 of Gotham airs on Mondays at 8 pm PST on Fox.

APP | "I'll get you back, man; I just don't have any cash right now." Have you heard this from your buddies before? I sure have, but those days are long gone now that we all have VENMO, an app that allows friends to send each other money at the touch of a screen. Simply download the app and get registered. Users can connect their bank account to Venmo, which allows them to deposit payments straight to their bank. Users can also use their debit card, in which case any payments received are stored in their Venmo account for future use. So next time your friends "don't have any cash," have them download Venmo.

MUSIC | Listening to classical music just became a whole lot cooler. Before Wil Baptiste and Kev Marcus formed the group Black Violin, they were learning how to draw their bows in high school orchestra class. After studying music in college, the two friends have put their skills to work in a unique way, fusing their classical roots with hip-hop. The group released their first major-label album, STEREOTYPES, on Sept. 18. The duo intends to bring attention to the stereotypes that exist in society, and hopes to help overcome those preconceptions with their music. ♦

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