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Irish fiction, a long-awaited debut album and Orlison's old-fashioned flavor

BOOK | Irish author Paul Murray creates characters with incredibly specific interests, educating readers on topics that are interesting, though probably not relatable. In the end, larger themes become apparent. Murray's newest release continues this pattern. In his last and most well-known novel — Skippy Dies — a Catholic boarding school boy named Skippy dies in a donut shop right at the beginning. Five years after Skippy Dies, THE MARK AND THE VOID tells the story of a French analyst named Claude being followed by an author named Paul wanting to know more about banking for his novel. But Paul actually wants to rob the bank. And it's an investment bank, so there's no money to steal. This Irish novel will keep you laughing your way through learning about the European financial crisis — and life.

ALBUM | Vulfpeck's first full-length album THRILL OF THE ARTS comes after a unique rise to fame. This Ann Arbor, Michigan-based funk group's first song was uploaded to Youtube, followed by a few EPs and Sleepify, a literally silent album Vulfpeck released on Spotify. Sleepify consisted of 10 silent tracks they asked fans to play on repeat while they slept, raising enough royalties for the group to go on a tour without needing to charge fans for tickets. This newest toe-tapping album is filled with raw, funky bass lines and wacky lyrics, plus a "Christmas in L.A." track just in time for the holiday season. Just try listening to this album without dancing.

BEER | Based off of an Old Fashioned cocktail, Orlison Brewing's latest release is well-balanced and easy-drinking. Orlison has found a loyal following far beyond their Airways Heights headquarters with a commitment to creating clean, clear and tasty lagers. TWO FINGER POUR is brewed with sweet orange peel and two small batch, custom-made bitters. It's then aged in whiskey barrels to add some darker, smoky notes, perfect to sip on during these cooler fall nights. Head to the Orlison taproom in Spokane to try it on tap or grab a 22-ounce bottle to enjoy it at home. ♦

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