A hoops star, winning web series and must-hear podcast

SPORTS | People called the Golden State Warriors lucky after they won the NBA championship last year, in part because injuries didn't impact them as much as other teams. This year, the Warriors will have to overcome some bad luck to take the trophy again. The best player in the league, Stephen Curry, has missed the majority of the first round of the playoffs against the Houston Rockets, and he is likely to miss a couple more weeks with a bum knee. That means a larger offensive role for the Warriors' other "Splash Brother," former Washington State University star KLAY THOMPSON. Coug fans can join the Bay Area in hoping he can step up to the challenge with the stakes so high.

TV | Louis C.K.'s HORACE AND PETE is like nothing else on TV. Maybe because it isn't really on TV, at least in the way most people think of television. In the web series, which actually feels more like a play, C.K. plays Horace, a 50-year-old who is divorced and inherited his father's bar that he runs with his brother, Pete (Steve Buscemi). It's best to go into the show without much background or any expectations, just as C.K. intended when he launched the one-season series on his website ( without any prior promotion. As he writes on his website, even he doesn't quite know how to classify Horace and Pete: "I dunno what it is. It can be funny, and also not. Both."

PODCAST | CASHING IN WITH T.J. MILLER pairs Miller — who you might know from the movie Deadpool or the HBO show Silicon Valley — with his friend and fellow comedian Cash Levy. Together, the two ask the important questions, like what can be turned into a ladle? (Answer: everything.) Or, more simply, "bees?" If you listen, start with the first episode in 2012, because the entire podcast is a series of running gags and callbacks that reward the regular listeners, or as Miller and Levy call them, the "12 and a half." The show sometimes dives into deeper philosophical issues, but rarely current events, so even the oldest episodes never feel outdated. ♦

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