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Twin Falls tales, delicious Donald tweets and new Final Fantasy chapter

ARTICLE | Earlier this year, Twin Falls, Idaho, made the national news when a rumor took on a life of its own. The story that circulated through the town concerned Syrian refugees sexually assaulting a young child. It sparked outrage in the southern Idaho city, which is home to a refugee resettlement center, and became a right-wing cause célèbre after residents worked themselves into a fervor over concerns that outside forces were reshaping and endangering their community. Online magazine Slate took a break from the think pieces it's known for and did some on-the-ground reporting in "IF YOU WANT TO LIVE HERE, YOU NEED TO LIVE BY THE RULES HERE"; the piece sheds light on what really happened in Twin Falls, and how the situation speaks to the country's deeper anxieties.

TWITTER | Maybe you don't think Donald Trump is temperamentally fit to be president, or even dog catcher. But how about "dungeon master" in a game of Dungeons & Dragons? The Twitter account @DUNGEONSDONALD aptly channels Trump's combative and self-aggrandizing persona as a dungeon master who makes specious claims about witnessing armies of goblins, brags about Republican unity in his latest D&D quest, questions where Hillary Clinton is hiding her dungeon maps and threatens to fire other players. The account provides some nerdy silliness that'll help take the edge off this long and acrimonious election season.

GAME | After a string of adaptations of older installments of Final Fantasy, game developer Square Enix has developed a version of the franchise that's meant to have the epic feel associated with the series designed specifically for your smartphone. MOBIUS FINAL FANTASY follows Wol, a man who awakes in the land of Palamecia not knowing where he is. The game has many of the same elements of previous FF incarnations: Onion Knights and White Mages, turn-based combat, moogles and other creatures that suddenly interject themselves into the game, as well as a monarch of an ailing kingdom desperately needing help. ♦

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