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Snoop does "news," winning game combo and cooking from the couch

WEB SERIES | Join Nemo Hoes, Snoop Dogg's news anchor persona, for a joint (pun intended) smoke session and interview with guests including Seth Rogen, Larry King and G-Unit on the DOUBLE G NEWS NETWORK, the number one source for "hood news." Nemo and his guests share hilarious stories and videos, freestyle and play "finish this sentence," right next to some real discussions about the entertainment industry. GGN features beautiful moments like Rogen rolling Nemo a cross joint (which they smoke to celebratory music) and A$AP Rocky struggling to narrate a green-screen journey to space.

BOARD GAME | Take one strategy game and one game of chance, have them fall in love and create one board-and-card-game child, and you have SEQUENCE. It's like Connect Four, but you connect five chips, and only place chips on the board based on cards you randomly draw. Also, depending on how many eyes a Jack has, they can inspire the same rage as receiving a Draw Four card in Uno or the same joy as a Wild card. Put it this way: a 12-year-old and 9-year-old who didn't care about winning beat two teams of adults who did, and we've never forgotten it.

VIDEO GAME | In OVERCOOKED, a couch co-op cooking game (you and your friends play on the same device), the team that works together, gets three stars together. After all, what better team-building exercise is there than four people making fish 'n' chips on an iceberg? Keep the soup, hamburgers and more going out on time to advance to the next world. For foodies, there's plenty of chopping and frying, and a chance to "work" in a real restaurant (lots of yelling and scrambling). It's also the perfect game for that person in your life who claims they'd dominate on Hell's Kitchen or Chopped. If there's no one in your life like that, it's you. ♦

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