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Lady jock-talk, urban myths and a broken-down future on Twitter

RADIO | Over the past few months, I've found myself in the car on Saturday mornings, which is how I came to become a fan of a radio program called THE TRIFECTA. The new show, hosted by espnW's Sarah Spain, Jane McManus and Kate Fagan, gives an ostensibly female-focused take on sports news and other issues. The trio and their many high-level guests don't just focus on women's sports — although they do give them much-needed airtime — but also offer views on the week's sports issues. Spain's take on the Minnesota football team's boycott (and subsequent un-boycott) of the Holiday Bowl against WSU featured a nuanced and unrepresented perspective on sexual assault. Their discussions on the day of the Women's March were equally interesting. If you want them to pick a Super Bowl winner, they can do that too. It airs locally at 9 am on 700 AM ESPN and can be found online at

DOCUMENTARY | You may have already heard the story of two sixth-graders who were charged with stabbing their classmate and leaving her for dead in the Wisconsin woods back in 2014. Lisa Miller's New York magazine piece on this bizarre crime last year was a frightening tale, but HBO's new BEWARE THE SLENDERMAN is doubly creepy, with the girls' confessions and interviews with their parents. It can err on the side of sensationalism in its strange recreations of the long-legged monster of its title, but the film is also enlightening in its investigation of technology and urban myths.

TWITTER | I have never been there, but as a child I assumed that Epcot Center was a place where robots manufactured time-traveling spacecraft. Anecdotal evidence I've acquired since then has led me to believe it's more of a failure factory, and the satirical @EPCOTCENTRE account gives us a fictional look at what has apparently become of our childhood wonderland. Most tweets are matter-of-fact statements about routine maintenance, complaints about disrespectful teens and other indications that maybe things aren't going so swell down in Orlando. From last week: "We chained our ATM to a lamp post with a very expensive lock so hopefully it will stay put from now on." ♦

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