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PODCAST | S-TOWN is the story of an eccentric 49-year-old antique clock restorer, John B. McLemore. Short for "Shittown," the podcast set in a tiny central Alabama town explores the politics and personal relationships of the town's residents. This American Life reporter Brian Reed, first contacted by McLemore to investigate a possible murder that was allegedly covered up by police, quickly discovers that there's much more to the story. Reed lays it out for listeners in a gripping, seven-chapter narrative that profiles the at times profane, tattoo-chested horologist and a hunt for hidden treasure. S-Town is perhaps the most popular podcast since the first season of Serial was released in 2014. Its novelistic approach grabs listeners from beginning to end, eventually coming to a conclusion that leaves some questions unanswered.

COFFEE | This is the world's strongest coffee. Or at least that's what the people at BLACK INSOMNIA COFFEE claim of the beans recently made available in the United States. The South African coffee company boasts a ridiculous 702 mg per 12-ounce cup. A typical Starbucks dark roast comes in at 195 mg per 12 ounces, according to Black Insomnia has a "sweet nutty flavor" (though that seems beyond the point), and is available to order through the company's website, But coffee drinkers be warned: this stuff is no joke. The Mayo Clinic recommends up to 400 mg of caffeine per day, which means a full 12 ounces of Black Insomnia has almost twice the maximum recommended amount of caffeine that a healthy adult should guzzle.

SHOPPING | No longer must you become an obsessive, penny-pinching coupon clipper to find the best deals shopping online. This Google Chrome browser extension (essentially an app for your internet browser) will do it for you. The browser extension HONEY scans the internet for coupon codes, discounts, promotions and deals and automatically applies them to your online cart. The extension works on a variety of sites, including Amazon, Groupon, Kohl's, Expedia, Nike and Crate & Barrel. And you can get cash bonuses for purchases on certain sites, such as Target and Walmart. ♦

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