Former Boise mayor who misused public funds running again, man dies during Spokane Sheriff's Office arrest, and other headlines


Renowned journalist Bob Woodward spoke about lessons learned during Watergate, the state of the media, and the current impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump in a speech at the Spokane Convention Center on Friday.

FOOD: Spokane's newest speakeasy has already changed its name, twice. Here's where to find it.


Second whistle blower to come forward on Ukraine, Trump

The legal team representing the first whistle blower on the Trump-Ukraine call says it is now representing multiple whistle blowers after a second person with knowledge of the call has made the decision to come forward, the New York Times reports.

Man dies during Spokane Sheriff's Office arrest
A man stopped breathing and died after deputies responding to reports that he was screaming and breaking things this weekend (possibly under the influence of drugs) used a stun gun and restrained him, the Spokesman-Review reports.

Environmental group says Washington dragging feet on water cleanup
While Washington state's Department of Ecology and attorney general fight the Trump administration's Environmental Protection Agency over plans to reduce water quality standards, an environmental group that sued the state to force it to clean up its water bodies decades ago is back in court saying the state has done little to get there, the Seattle Times reports.

Trump loses effort to stop tax returns from going to New York court
A federal judge ruled that President Trump's claims that presidents have "absolute immunity from criminal process of any kind," would be an overreach of executive power, which makes it more likely his tax returns will be turned over to a New York grand jury in response to a subpoena, CNN reports.
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Former Boise mayor who misused public money running for mayor again
After misusing public money for things like trips and show tickets during his time in office in the 1990s and early 2000s, Brent Coles served a few weeks in jail, and now he wants to take the office again, the Idaho Statesman reports. 

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