Four presents for the new animal lovers in your life

In some ways, getting a new pet is like having a baby in the house. There are suddenly a lot of new routines, different foods, upgraded cleaning products and fantasies of how much sleep you used to get. It's a joy, and it's work, and presents for pet parents and their new furry friends can go a long way toward keeping all involved happy. Here are a few suggestions:

You might think to yourself, "Do I really want to give a dried out bull penis to my friends' dog as a present?" Yes, yes you do. A bully stick, like those made by Red Barn Naturals, is a must-have for anyone dealing with a puppy, its razor-sharp teeth and its need to chew, well, everything. This is a gift that will thrill the dog, and give the puppy parents some peace and quiet for a bit. That's called a win-win. $8 • Yuppy Puppy Downtown • 830 W. Sprague

Some cats are notoriously aloof creatures, keeping to themselves and rarely giving their human food providers the time of day. As a dog owner, it really makes me wonder why anyone ever gets a cat. But I digress. One way to get your cat energized and playful is to lure the critter with some catnip stuffed inside a little "mouse" made from hemp by From The Field. They'll play for hours with these sturdy little mice. $6 • Prairie Dog Pet Mercantile Kendall Yards • 1206 W. Summit Pkwy C106

Cats and dogs like their water moving — who knew? So skip the old bowls-on-the-floor routine, and pick up something like the Raindrop drinking fountain from Pioneer Pets. It's easy to clean, plugs into a standard outlet (and has a pet-safe cord, naturally), and it will keep the critters hydrated year-round. $21 • The Urban Canine - North • 6320 N. Ash

Becoming a new pet owner is fun, sure, but it can be stressful, and not just for the human part of the equation. Hook up a friend or loved one with this scan using saliva and hair samples, and they'll get a three-page biofeedback analysis that can identify "over 300 food and environmental factors that may disturb an animal's energy balance." Eliminating any negative factors could be a gift that lasts a pet's lifetime. $99 • Pet Vittles & Wild Bird West • 919 N. Argonne, Spokane Valley

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