Readers respond to our story on Cathy McMorris Rodgers' strategy in 2018; Riverfront high-rises

Readers respond to our story on Cathy McMorris Rodgers' strategy in the 2018 election ("How can Cathy McMorris Rodgers Portray Her Party's Compassion When it is Led by Donald Trump?" 5/31/2018):

Kim Lewis: Cathy McMorris Rodgers, you vote with the president. You have placed your party above the best interest of the country. You should be ashamed and fired.

Donna Howard: Blue wave coming Cathy, LMAO. I'd brush off that resume!

Lori Wilson: She's not softening the GOP image, she's making them look like sheep. She's making them look easy to purchase votes from. She's been nothing more than a tool for the Republican Party to utilize whenever they need the votes.

Dennis Lunstroth: For all those Cathy supporters out there, let me ask this question that has yet to be answered. What has she done for our district? Not some vague national issue. Not some BS talking point. What "deliverable" has she brought home to our district? Has the north/south freeway been finished? Anyone think that the road wouldn't have been built decades ago if Tom Foley were still in office? So have at it, inform me about what thing she's done for us outside of being a prop for photo ops for her Republican leadership. 

Readers respond to our story on downtown development ("How High Should the High-Rises Near Riverfront Park Rise?" 5/31/2018):

Mike Patton: It doesn't matter what the people of Spokane think. I'm from San Diego. If there's one thing I know, what developers with money want, developers with money get. Regardless.

Susan Smith Lindsey: Blocking visual access to the river from the south side by putting tall buildings directly in front of the park would be a huge mistake. Plus limiting that view only to people who can afford the high rents or hotel prices that would be required would leave the rest of the residents of our city without visual access to the heart of our city — the river. Not to mention the gentrification woes. The park and visual access to the park and river is for everyone — not just rich folks. Think about how the convention center, performing arts center and mall cut off the park and river from the downtown area. Is that what we want the whole front of our city to be like? Blocking off the open space of the park and river is a terrible idea! ♦

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