Readers respond to a police officer who allegedly called all Muslims terrorists, environmental news


The Spokane City Council is flying to Sweden and Denmark to discuss ways to combat climate change ("Condon vs. Climate," 9/13/18). Here is an idea. Teleconference! How can anyone take these people seriously if their solution to the problem is to fly to Europe to talk. Are they charting how big of a carbon footprint this is creating? Why doesn't the Spokane City Council stay here and work on Spokane's problems? Is it because they have no solutions to the problems of drug abuse, homelessness, affordable housing, inflated city payrolls, etc., etc.? I suppose it is much easier to jump on a jet and pretend like they are doing something.

Dennis McManus
Spokane, Wash.

Readers respond to an article on about a Spokane Police officer who allegedly described all Muslims as terrorists while on an "extra-duty" security detail (9/14/18):

Tony Dinaro: If this allegation is found to be true, this officer should be let go. There's long been a perception that the culture in SPD does not value all citizens equally. While I think that perception is unwarranted for the vast majority of officers, incidents like this reinforce that perception. A few bigoted officers should not be allowed to give the whole department a bad name.

Phil Woody: "We'll always have cases like this because we have one big problem selecting police officers. ... We have to recruit from the human race." — William H. Parker, chief of police, Los Angeles, circa 1962. He said that in response to police corruption and brutality within his own department. While unethical law enforcement behavior tarnishes the badge for all who wear it, we have to keep in mind that police officers are human. And there's a vast majority of good and bad in every profession.

Ben Cater: Spokane is pretty insulated. As disturbing as this is, not surprised one bit.

Jodi Kruger: Racism has been raising its very ugly head again for the last several months. It really needs to bury same ugly head! We are all God's children. ♦

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