Readers respond to the Inlander cover story on the Avista deal, and other topics

Avista would retain its Spokane HQ after the merger. - YOUNG KWAK
Young Kwak
Avista would retain its Spokane HQ after the merger.


After reading the "Shock Protection" article (11/15/18), I finally understand why Avista's merger with Hydro One is being considered. This announcement came out of the blue without any explanation of why we should do it or how it would benefit the customers. In short, if it ain't broke, why fix it?

Now it is clear. The CEO and top executives can retire to a luxurious lifestyle with the compensation they will receive as a result of this merger. Business as usual.

Geoff Haworth
Spokane Valley, Wash.

Readers respond to an article about Phil Tyler's bid for Spokane City Council, despite allegations of domestic violence against him (11/15/2018):

Carly Marie: Wow. How many ex-wives all have been physically attacked by this man and he is allowed to run? That's disgusting.

Zach Holland: Do you see who our president is? Anyone can run now. And win.

Lucas McIntyre: Nobody is surprised about this. But hopefully he doesn't make it onto the council.

Elizabeth Parker: Drop out. Save yourself the humiliation of a crushing defeat.

Bruce Thomson: But wait, he's Ozzie's friend... And that should automatically get him elected!

Readers respond to a story about a recent ranking that showed more people want to move to, and remain in, Spokane:

Leesandro Chapa Garcia: That's great... for the landlords that are going to raise the rent every year because of this.

Hopi Schott: Rent went up $100 in the frickin' Valley... I resent getting priced out of the Valley.

Dale Damron: Finally, the definitive list of personality types: those who live in Spokane, and those who wish they did!

Donine Planichek: This town was not built for the amount of people here. We certainly don't need anymore. ♦

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