Readers respond the Roxie Spokane's efforts at revitalization, Mary Lou Reed's final column

Hillyard's newest draw: The Roxie Spokane. - ERICK DOXEY
Erick Doxey
Hillyard's newest draw: The Roxie Spokane.

Readers respond to an Inlander article about the Roxie Spokane's efforts to revitalize Hillyard into something similar to the Perry District ("Rising Tide," 1/3/19):

Peter Hire: I've been to Hillyard many times over the years, and at this point, the only thing to do is demolish and rebuild.

Stephen Terry: Perhaps if you look at the housing near Perry District and compare it with housing around Hillyard, some differences may become obvious. You have to change more than just the business district.

Rita Vigil: Boo to the negativity in the comments. Cheers to the people creating jobs, finding new ways to expand Spokane, and offer more diversity to the landscape of people, activities and commerce. So many people dig in their heels when change comes to Spokane, then when it does well, they hop on and enjoy the ride. Stop resisting good change for our city!

Shauk Prime: Unfortunately, square footage is not what makes a venue successful. I love the concept on paper but considering you can get full-fledged venues downtown for less money that come with sound, lighting and staff included. I wouldn't have led with that $2,000 number personally. 


I was just thinking what insightful, informative words have been written by Mary Lou Reed, when I got to her last words, "I end my final column here in the Inlander" (12/27/18) ... So sorry to see her retire, but thankful for all her contributions.

Maggie Muat
Liberty Lake, Wash.

Thank you for your years of dedication to our community and to the Inlander as well. You have been such an inspiration to me and to many of my friends.

Joy Fitzpatrick
Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

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