Readers respond to a George Nethercutt column on Howard Schultz; downtown homelessness

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Readers respond to a column by George Nethercutt about former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz's potential independent run in the 2020 election ("Man in the Middle," 3/28/19):

Frank Gabbard: Shultz running is just a Republican trick to divide the vote so Trump has a chance in 2020, so of course Nethercutt thinks it's great. Don't be fooled by it.

Terry Parker: So according to George the only downside of Trump as a candidate was his inexperience? That tells you loads about the Republican Party today.

Kevin Shields: He's not wrong! I will be very surprised if he runs! Surprised at the levels of narcissistic delusion certain rich dudes possess.

Jason Long: Schultz is public enemy number one in all of Washington state.

Kirstin Hahn: Not a fan. Anyone who thinks that that bitter of a coffee is worth that much money along with a three-buck frozen lemon loaf is not for me.♦

Readers respond to a story about allowing homeless people inside City Hall as long as they don't disturb anyone ("The Direction of Downtown," 3/28/19):

Brian Buck: Deriding the homeless and downtrodden is one of our national pastimes. The internet begat Facebook. Facebook begat pages like "Spokane Tweaker Blast" where people take pictures of any pre-2000s RV they encounter and post it with derision and malice whether they know the truth or not. I couldn't stand STB and dumped it because it was a group focused solely on dehumanizing anyone driving around in an older RV.

Joseph Sampson: OK so I'll be the first to challenge anyone further commenting on this post that City Hall won't look like a warming shelter. Who's betting me on this? Any takers?

Darcy Hildebrand: As far as I am concerned, the homeless can stay in City Hall and downtown. I would prefer that to them being in my neighborhood parks. Likewise, I would prefer the criminals stay downtown as well rather than do business in my neighborhood. ♦

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