Readers respond to 'sit-lie' proposals in City Council; laid-off teachers

Councilwoman Kate Burke
Councilwoman Kate Burke

Readers respond to a failed proposal by Spokane City Councilwoman Kate Burke to protect homeless people from "sit-lie" laws ("Throwing Things Out There," 4/11/19):

Stephen Terry: Perhaps it is important to understand that the homeless typically do not represent a voting constituency and the members of City Council are obligated to support the interests of those who voted them into office. Any concerns of those who did not vote are therefore considered only secondary to those who did vote.

Brandon Birkland: Whether you agree or not, constitutionally if they're on public property and ain't breaking the law, they can hang out anytime they want.

Chris Rapier: I too care for people who are trying to sort themselves out in a transitional period through job loss or divorce, etc. The problem is we cannot foster a culture that allows this mess to become a safe alternative to working for a living. I have been downtown going to a meeting in broad daylight and having to pass through those overpass areas and was seriously concerned for my safety.

Brian Parker: Allowing free range homeless to occupy public space has created the catastrophe we are seeing in Seattle. Burke's proposal is a huge step in that same direction. ♦


My name is Mikayla Fox. I am a freshman and vice president of the class of 2022 at North Central High School. Last week at school, we were notified that 325 staff members within just Spokane Public Schools were being laid off.

When one teacher in particular told us that she was one of them, the class immediately burst into tears. A teacher who makes this kind of impact on their students, no matter what they teach or how newly hired they are, does not deserve this and should not have this happen to them.

As a student, I will not sit by and let this happen. A teacher should not be measured by the impact they made on a student's brain, but by the impact they made on the student's life. I am not naive and I am not ignorant. I have done my research and I know why this is happening in not only our district but in many others around the state. Poor decisions have been made with school levies and because of this I am losing my teachers. I refuse to believe there is nothing you can do.

We will continue to fight for our teachers until the fight is won. We will continue to spread the word until our voices are heard. We care about our teachers and we will continue to make our fight known until everyone has joined in. Please consider everything I have said to you in this letter and do something to help our cause.

Mikayla Fox
Spokane, Wash.

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