Readers respond to the Black Lives Matter mural in Spokane, at 244 W. Main Ave.

Readers respond to the Black Lives Matter mural in Spokane, at 244 W. Main Ave.
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Each letter of the mural was painted by a different artist.

Patty Weiser: Went to see it today. It is so impressive in person. Thank you to each artist for showing Spokane your vision and your soul.

Lindsey Myron: It's incredible. The B, K and L were instantly my fave but I can't wait to spend more time getting to know each letter and the artists behind them. What an absolute joy that we have such skilled and talented artists in our community.

Barbara Williamson: Beautiful work. Thank you to all the gifted artists who made this work and to the owners of the building!

Hadley Morrow: It's so beautiful. Beyond time for Spokane to get used to saying this loud and proud. We still have a lot of work to do to reconcile with the legacy of violence White people have perpetrated against Black, Indigenous, and people of color in Spokane throughout history and (as made evident in some of these comments) still today. Bravo to all involved.

Andrea Beck: I do not support the BLM. I am half Black and I feel offended by this whole thing. I say ALL LIVES MATTER. That's what I say.

J.R. Mackey: Sweet. When do we get a straight White people matter mural?

Paul Richard Stave: I don't understand why so many White people are afraid or insecure about the slogan. As a White guy myself, I'm fine with the mural, the sentiment, and acknowledge that I have had it better than so many. Saying Black Lives Matter doesn't mean I do not matter. I just want everyone to have the same rights and freedoms that I enjoy. Just because I haven't faced discrimination doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

Bryant Herrera: Real question for those that call BLM a terrorist organization. Do y'all call the KKK a terrorist group too?

Jon Cordell: I think this page needs more thinly veiled racist opinions from straight White men between the ages of 55-65. ♦

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