Readers respond to Friday's news that Dr. Bob Lutz — Spokane's health officer who's managed the region's response to COVID-19 — had been asked to resign

click to enlarge Readers respond to Friday's news that Dr. Bob Lutz — Spokane's health officer who's managed the region's response to COVID-19 — had been asked to resign
Dr. Bob Lutz

Matthew Baker: The decision to remove Dr. Lutz is an absolute outrage. The citizens of this town deserve to understand how a decision of this magnitude could occur at this point time. ... This is a disgraceful day for our community, and more importantly people unnecessarily will die as a result. It's nothing short of criminal, and it's time to reform an enormously broken Spokane municipality that seems to have utilized a backdoor loophole to push forward an agenda that blindsides the community when we are at the beginning stages of what is already early stages of a second wave that is worse than any part of the first! It's not even winter!

Lisa Wold: This is ridiculous! He's done an excellent job trying to lead our community safely towards opening, but not wanting things to get out of hand so that our hospitals are overwhelmed. This has blindsided our community, and many will not trust a replacement (which they don't have yet). All we need to do to see what happens when everything opens without a care is look at Idaho. Dr. Bob Lutz and our community deserve better. We deserve a trusted and experienced leader, now more than ever.

Mike Spencer: We don't need anybody to lead a pandemic response. What we need is leftists (Inlander) to put down the political football and walk away.

Jessica Ludlam: They gave no one any clue why they would do something this drastic. I hope their reasoning was of extreme importance, but I highly doubt it. I can't comprehend how such termination would happen in the middle of a pandemic after all he has done for this community. Especially without a plan, details worked out in advance, and done with the utmost of care. This sends a very bad message to Spokane about public health at the worst possible time. If there was in fact a valid reason, they went about it all wrong. As a health care professional, I'm very disappointed. The ramifications this will cause will affect many.

Jim Almy: Hell yeah! Now we can get someone in there that understands this all just a made-up hoax by Demoncrats to hurt our great and fearless leader, President Trump! And hopefully it will be someone who ain't no fancy-ass, know-it-all "doctor."

Charlotte Rogers Thacker: We in the community of Spokane have put our trust in Dr. Lutz. We have not always been happy about his decisions and recommendations, but we know they have been based on science and the need to guard our health. We could never have that level of trust in a replacement, knowing that role was being filled by a person who was willing to be influenced by political pressure. A pandemic is here, and tough decisions must be made by medical professionals whom we can trust to put health first.

Chris Caraway: Good riddance Lutz. You done pissed off the wrong powers-that-be.

Brenda Jamison: We still need to show our support for Dr. Lutz and request that if anyone should lose their job, it should be the administrator, Amelia Clark, who made the original recommendation that he should be fired and did not have a backup plan in place. We are currently without a health officer a day after recording the most daily positive COVID results of the pandemic. Clark is not an epidemiologist (in fact, she isn't even an M.D.) and couldn't properly wear a mask during that terrible press conference. ♦

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