Readers respond to an opinion column by Gary Crooks in which he asks, "We're supposed to be kind to the fine folks prolonging this pandemic?"

Readers respond to an opinion column by Gary Crooks in which he asks, "We're supposed to be kind to the fine folks prolonging this pandemic?"
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Protesters marching in April against Idaho's stay-home order aimed at slowing the spread of COVID-19.

Michael Mentzer: Thank you, Gary Crooks. This is not a kumbaya moment. We are at war with fascists and phony Christian sheep following wolves to the slaughter. I will not chill until every Republican voter is disabused of their patriotism and made to see that their actions are antithetical to a truly Christian democracy.

Samantha Carroll: There aren't enough scientific facts or death toll stats in the world that can make people empathize and care about other people. Even if you believe the flu kills more people or the death rate isn't that high for COVID, or that masks aren't 100 percent effective, on the outside chance that you might save one life, why wouldn't you? Some people simply don't care.

Jess Ponikvar: Look at all the triggered responses from those whom this article offended.

Kenneth Burchell: Zero tolerance for Covidiocy and mask-tyranny nonsense. It will only stop when it is confronted, called out, and the humanoid ding-dongs are driven back under their rocks.

JoJo K Nihili: Although he's one of my all-time favorites, I was disappointed by his close. He's too good for this sort of thing. Previous to the middle finger remark, he did a superb job detailing what "be kind" really means: Don't you dare call me out for being selfish and for doing whatever I want no matter what. Just don't do it!

Ginny Kaschmitter: Amen and thank you, Gary Crooks, for putting into words my frustration with well-meaning, but airheaded folks.

Drew McElvaney: They are immune to the facts and proudly flaunt their callous disregard. Let me correct that for you. Here: They are infinitely stupid, disregarding the facts, disregarding the science, they revel in their stupidity and insist on flaunting it in America's face.

Gisela Hanks: Thank you for that piece! Spoken from my heart, but way more eloquently than I could ever express it.

Melissa Rose: Honoring our fellow citizens' right to life by honoring public health mask mandates during a deadly pandemic is the patriotic thing to do. Those who may be high risk, who care for or drive cancer patients, who have high-risk family members, etc., do not have any "choice" in having to enter stores for essential groceries.

Joe Wick: Stupid Trumpers will continue to spoil everything for everyone just because they don't want to accept the fact that over 3,000 people a day are dying from this virus and 550,000 will be dead by March if we don't mask up!

Stephanie Wallis: I'm so over the non-maskers and the non-vaxxers. ♦

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