Responses to last week's story detailing issues in Coeur d'Alene that have been fueled in part by out-of-staters looking to party

The Moose Lounge in downtown Coeur d'Alene.
The Moose Lounge in downtown Coeur d'Alene.

Garry Zimmerman: According to the article, the issue is over-serving and not where folks live. It seems logical to address this, but that would interfere in commerce and we can't have that.

Bennett Danelo: Before we put ourselves on a pedestal, Washingtonians, I'd like to see the stats on how many of these people are citizens of Idaho and how many are disgruntled citizens from Washington state.

Trayvon Parker: Washington people going to Idaho and starting fights I see.

Charlie Zeller: Idaho gonna Idaho.

Scott Baycroft: People seem very edgy after reopening. This climate is getting dangerous.

David Leeth: Those denigrating Idaho have clearly never been in downtown Spokane on a weekend night, especially at the intersection of Main and Division.

Sara Boren: So you're saying that the people who want to go around stay-at-home orders because their entertainment is more important than public safety, that those people go to Idaho, get drunk and become a problem?

Jess Ponikvar: Just wait until summer. I don't think Idaho thought about what it would look like if they opened up while Washington stayed closed. None of this is a surprise. ♦

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