Readers respond to last week's news that Spokane Public Schools approved a proposal to build its stadium downtown instead of the Joe Albi site

Levi Hanson: I still don't understand what everyone is upset about.

Lars Huschke: Exactly!!! It's less money than renovating Albi, and it'll be a revenue generator. I'm also clueless to the fight against this.

Dave Thorp: Maybe the fact that it went to a vote, the people said no, then they said, "Ah f—- it, we'll just do it anyway"? I mean, I'm all for it. But certainly you have to understand why folks would be upset.

Ryan Weaver: This proposal is completely different than the original one. No additional city costs, funding from USL, better location, parking included, cost of parking management included, etc.

Felicia Diamond: So if it's completely different, maybe we should vote again.

Rick Reid: Downtown and North Bank will be a total mess anytime two events happen at the same time.

Tiffany Saunders: I will vote no on any school bond or levy in the future.

Phil Larkin: That'll teach 'em! ♦

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