Readers react to last week's guest column from Robert Herold on Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers' silence on major issues affecting her constituents:

Readers react to last week's guest column from Robert Herold on Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers' silence on major issues affecting her constituents:
Cathy Morris Rodgers is not alone in her cone of denial about just about any issue of consequence. |Gage Skidmore photo

David Jeter: Also unwilling to speak out against Jan. 6 insurrection.

Holly T. Moody Meginniss: Been saying that for years. She got a husband, three kids, and a nice pension out of it. We didn't get much.

Will Hume: Finally some real, thoughtful content. Time for new representation. Her primary claim to usefulness is as an obstructionist, and that is the last thing we need right now.

Rhonda Valle Rheingans: And yet people keep voting for her. Sadly.

Steve Powers: If you are a fan of the status quo then Cathy, and for that matter the entire GOP, is the party for you. They are elected by their constituents to go to Congress and either obstruct or do nothing, it is as simple as that. The GOP's politics benefit a certain segment of the population, and it's not working people, the poor or middle class. Measured by those standards CMR has been a shining star in the GOP.

Danah Peace-Laws: She needs to go; I can't even believe she was re-elected.

Julie Hoseid: She has been supporting the big lie and is just going along to obstruct any good idea just because it was Democratic.

Anthony Ennamorato: Everyone's saying R "bad," D "good," but if there were two-term limits this article would have never been printed.

Joy Courtney Wood: She gets a free pass because unlike others in her position, she isn't even doing anything all that BAD either. She just... doesn't... do... anything. Ever. A few weeks after a major event, after the dust has settled and EVERYONE else has spoken out, she might finally make her little nonsense statement. She doesn't take any major leadership roles. She doesn't respond to concerns from voters. She just collects her salary and poses for photos. We need a leader. Not an office fixture.

Margaret Hellen: There have been exactly ZERO hard-hitting substance-focused interviews or reviews of her legislative leadership. Who writes her draft bills? Who does she really represent? I'm not talking photo-op representation. I'm talking substantive representation.

Chris Warren: But she looks good in her campaign ads, standing in a wheat field talking to a farmer.

Barb Laidlaw Murphy: I've called her a mannequin since I moved here 10 years ago. They pose her when they want a woman in the picture. She doesn't do one thing for the country, much less her district.

Paco Zee: Maybe I missed it, or maybe this is just a specific audience, but is there anyone on this thread willing to defend anything about her? Yet, the silent majority still votes her in.

David Seesholtz: The posts are almost unanimous against her, yet she still wins reelection, and it's never close. I think a Bernie-style Democrat could beat her, but the DNC keeps putting center-leaning candidates against her. I think fake conservative depresses the vote.

Lonnie D. Hall: She's been given a free pass by the S-R, Inlander, AND all three local TV stations.

Peggy Munson: She signed on to the seditious lawsuit to overturn the election results. She should have been removed as a threat to democracy.

Will Gardiner: You can sub her name with "politicians" because none of them do anything for the people anymore... just their financiers. ♦

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